Ancient Chinese Civilization

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Introduction of Ancient Chinese Civilization:

1766 BC: customary date for the establishing of the first notable administration in China, the Shang line
1122 BC: Western Zhou administration established after the oust of the last Shang ruler
771 BC: Eastern Zhou administration period starts after the sack of the Western Zhou capital; the first stage is customarily isolated into two: the Spring and Autumn (771-481 BC) and the Warring States (481-221 BC) periods
551-479 BC: Confucius, China’s overwhelming logician, lives
221 BC: The First Emperor, Qin Shih Huang, finishes the success of all other Chinese states
202 BC: The Han line established, following quite a while of confusion taking after the fall of the Qin
220 AD: the fall of the Han line is an advantageous marker for the end purpose of the antiquated time of Chinese history.


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